Cheesy Song of the Day, April 30: ‘Everyday I Write The Book’ Elvis Costello

The Very Best of Elvis Costello

The Very Best of Elvis Costello (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part 1:
Doesn’t this photo remind of Cesar from ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes‘?

Part 2:
Love affairs can be broken down in chapters but there’s not a definitive end to the love affairs where there’s still affection involved. I’m a fool for the definitive end.   I loathe ambiguity. Writing the book everyday eliminates ambiguity.

Part 3:
The book is telling me that I’m still uncertain.  I hate that.

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

Cheesy Song of the Day, April 29: ‘The Look of Love’ ABC


the look of love cheesy song of the day tallulah bankhead

Part 1.
The first time I heard ‘The Look of Love‘,  I thought who is the sexy, confident man? And then I danced my ass off.

Part 2.
The life lessons — it takes a lot to love you.  No one should ever get their life and love lessons from a pop song because pop songs are the work of the devil and libertines.  But if you must, there’s no better bible than ABC’s fully detailed breakdown of recognizing and responding to the look of love.  The one thing, the one thing….

Part 3.
Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry wrote the song.  I love it even more.

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

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Cheesy Song of the Day, April 28: ‘I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times’ The Beach Boys

far away

far away (Photo credit: YoungToymaker)

Part 1:
This choice, inspired by the Mad Men episode, ‘Far Away Places‘, fits the mood.  I can’t sleep (did you know that Law & Order airs at 3am, Sunday – Thursday?).  My mind can’t wind down enough to let me relax.  And when I do fall asleep, I dream of Eddie Murphy, bat mitzvahs and George Clooney.  I can’t even begin to deal with that.

Part 2:
Once a week, I’m poked for blood. The search for a vein that is not thin & scrawny is unpleasant.  I have my own personal vein whisperer who is patient with the search.  She doesn’t poke needlessly.  She has me put my arm under warm water for 3 minutes or more. Then, the search continues. The vein whisperer suggests exercises to make my veins pop.  I promise to comply.  Right after I write this blog post.

Part 3:
Prick. The vein is found.  I never ever look as my blood fills the vial.  It happens so fast. Then the IV goes in and the treatment begins. I wasn’t made for this. And yet I was.

What’s YOUR Cheesy song of the day?

Cheesy Song of the Day, April 27: ‘Fool of Me’ Me’Shell NdegéOcello

Cover of "Love & Basketball (Movie & Musi...

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Love & Basketball! Monica is so in love with Quincy that she aches! I felt the ache from the screen. And when I saw the movie, I was not in love with anyone so there was no emotional confusion. Ever been that in love? I hope the answer is yes and I hope the answer is no.

Favorite part?  1:47…

I smell you in my dreams/But now when we’re face to face/You won’t look me in the eye/no time no friendship no love


What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

Cheesy Song of the Day, April 26: ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ Dinah Washington

Dinah Washington

Dinah Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You don’t know how hearts burn/for a love that cannot live/but never dies

Walking around with this knowledge is an unpleasant sensation.  It’s not a constant hurt, but when it’s touched by a song, a memory or an old email, the burn pulsates. And then you fall into the despair.  For a moment.

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

Thursday Interview: John Threat, creator, ‘Monsters!’

Thursday Interview John Lee

Cast of Monsters!

***The Thursday Interview is a showcase for creators, innovators and troublemakers to share news and insight about the creative impetus & inspirations  behind their latest projects.  This week, John Threat, a drifter who lives to entertain us all.

Name: John Threat

Occupation:  A drifter who specializes in counterfactual thinking and writing well thought out pieces. Kinda like the anti-Nelson George.

Motto: Dubium sapientiae initium. Descartes said that shit. I dont know what it means. Sounds cool as fuck.

My current project is….
Monsters! It’s a show about these two room mates dick and dash who live together and can’t stand each other. The fight, they curse, they drink and smoke, just like all other roommates, except they are monsters and every episode a band comes thru to rock the house and then they eat ‘em.

I got the idea for the project….
Some have traced it back to a chick with tattoos I banged once , but I came up with it while standing in the desert in Utah pissing on some artifacts and then wrote it in Connecticut Muffin in NY on a iPad betwixt mocha and a croissant. I’m kinda a dick.

The production process for the project is….

Thursday Interview John Lee Monsters!


It was 100 laughs the whole way except when it wasn’t. It was mega pass out type hot, it was dangerous, there was vomit , blood, sweat and tears, and torn miscuses. It only got finished because it was funny 95% of the time.

My favorite production memory is….
Well, probably when a actor tripped in front of a female actor and cursed me out like a dog on camera, which is the wrong thing to say, but the right thing would be to say  Alex when he performed in Speedos the Tetris dance of love.

What’s next….
Weed*star! A rocking combination game and film and delivering weed to people in New York City!

Shout outs to:
Marc Raco and Daniel Wolfe who play the lead characters Dick and Dash who fucking rock and I owe big time, Jessica Bledman who had my back both as art director and personal crisis management and Corey Ulric who took on the herculean task of shooting and lighting this beast rain or shine and commercial director Diane Martel who liked the script day one and jumped on to help produce it and mega shout out for bands that came thru to rock the house (Makeout, The Shondes, and Game Rebellion) just for beer and all my friends that gave their pennies on Kickstarter!

Get more Monsters! here.

***Interested in doing a Thursday Interview? Email me!

Cheesy Song of the Day, April 25: ‘Take You Out’ Luther Vandross


romantic love romantic disappointment cheesy song of the day

Is it ridiculous for anyone to still believe in romance? I know this is an artificial yet beautifully curated take on a burgeoning romance, but is it wrong to still desire the kind of emotion that the song and video stir up? Is it so wrong to want to live in the emotional place where it’s okay to be nice, thoughtful & kind and receive it in return?   I’m wondering if wanting this is a convenient delusion tactic I use to hide out from the stresses & disappointments of life?

More questions than answers. And water is wet.

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

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*This post has been brought to you by Oreo cookies. Happy 100th Birthday!