From October 2011 – October 2012, I watched the #GilmoreGirls religiously…


because I was recovering from a blood clot, struggling with anemia due to a fibroid the size of honey dew melon and dealing with the end of a 10 year romantic relationship.  Work, therapy, wine and the lives of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in Stars Hollow were the main things keeping me semi-functional and somewhat sane.

Gilmore Girls provided an escape from a deep emotional valley. And although I am thrilled Netflix will start streaming the entire series today,  I’m not sure if it’s the smartest thing for me to revisit the show and that time in my life. Then I remembered the episode when Lorelai and Luke broke up and how Lorelai gave into her despair…

‘He could have been the one’

I know what that feels like. I lived that.  But I also lived through it.

So I will be watching every single  Gilmore Girls episode. Not in some quest to relive when I didn’t know who I was or needed to be but to celebrate that it was okay to be depressed to get to better.

found on Fifth Avenue….






Happy September! 

Birthday Mix 2014

Georgetown Cupcakes delicious


Vacation, all I ever wanted…


I am officially on break so I’m sharing a few blog posts to entertain/educate while I’m away:

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Love and Consequences: It’s not anyone’s fault really.

Pork rinds and wine.

Some people aren’t meant to be well-rounded, empathetic individuals.  

Enjoy and see you in September!

UPDATE – Progress…





Photo taken with my lovely un-smartphone because my camera’s battery was dead.

This is the train tracking kiosk at the Union Square station. It is shiny and very easy to use. It doesn’t talk…yet. I have not witnessed how the kiosk reports news of delays, sick passengers, police action, fire. These are the things that cause me great anxiety.  Not all the time but sometimes. My temperature rises, heart palpitates, emotional equilibrium disintegrates  when a train crawls to a stop due to ‘train traffic.’  I am not alone but the mini-breakdown still happens. Unpleasant and true.

The kiosk will do nothing to alleviate that fear but I like that it exists.

It happened — there was a mechanical problem on the Q line last night and the kiosk promptly shared the news. The funny part? So many commuters weren’t checking the kiosk or didn’t even register that people were leaving the platform.  A reminder that not everyone can be expected to receive information the same way.

NYC’s Underground Gets High Tech [Forbes]



The most beautiful photo ever….


Hill Country Yo


A peanut butter jelly cupcake with margarita at the wonderful Hill Country BK. 

Taken by Violet Skyler.

‘Trust and respect is what we do this for’ PREACH, #EDSHEERAN!