Cheap underwear, wine and love….

Kerry Washington at Metropolitan Opera's 2010-...

Kerry Washington at Metropolitan Opera’s 2010-11 Season Opening Night – “Das Rheingold” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

all cost more in the long run, so don’t bother! 

A rundown of what I learned this week:

  • I am a Gladiator! Shonda RhimesScandal is…….scandalous! (I can’t help myself!) Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn had a scene in Thursday’s episode that was a moving expression of love that is vibrant and powerful but yet must be aborted.  Everything about the show rocks — the casting, the storylines, the costume design! Scandal is indulgent brain candy. And I want more! ABC, thank you for renewing the show!

Cheesy Song of the Day, February 15: ‘I Can’t Hold Back’ Survivor


Newt Gingrich should be using this Survivor track without permission.

It’s more fitting for his approach to life, love, lust and megalomania. I enjoy it because I find it incredibly sappy.

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

What fantasy world does Newt Gingrich live in where white Americans aren’t on food stamps, too?


I know he’s talking to those GOP voters that blame the 2008  financial crises on poor minorities buying homes,  but why would he want to let the world know how much he lives in a bullsh*t  reality?
Is the man not well? Or is he just another white American male demonizing black people for fun and profit?