What I love about Nancy Meyers movies…

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I want to marry this kitchen.

…it’s really indulgent and luxurious spending two hours enjoying:

  • older white upper middle class people falling in & out of love.

Hey Nancy, I know I could be mad at you, but I ain’t!

What Women Want
Something’s Gotta Give
It’s Complicated

Protected: If I were Oprah Winfrey, I would weigh 200 pounds too.


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I didn’t watch the Emmys and considering how much television I watch…


(yes, I’m one of the carbon based lifeforms who watched that awful Rachel Zoe show on Bravo), I should have been all up in the Emmys with some champagne and chicken wings.

Good for the 30 Rock and Mad Men (two of my favorite shows) wins but I must admit being more consumed with the nuts and bolts of real life is taking precedence over the career triumphs of characters I only know via an oversized television screen.   Lately, the hope that the audience (okay, me) will be so invested in a TV show that I want to celebrate its real world successes seems kinda lame to me.

I could be using that time to do anything else other than bask in the media created frenzy of who wins, who loses and who wore what.

And now I can return to maintaining a healthy respectful relationship with my television.

Does this mean I’m growing up?

AOL Television’s of Emmy Awards ’08