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Nate Gordon Tim Tebow of boyfriends fool


Reason #259 to be deliriously happy….


I did not drunk text anyone yesterday!   I laughed, bought some black fleece tights (thanks, Duane Reade!) and enjoyed a very laid back, chill day.
Restraint IS more beautiful than indignant, alcohol fueled rage.

And now time for more laughs:

I heart you, Tina Fey!  But I won’t stalk you.  I promise.

“People always say, ‘What’s your advice for making it?’…



She’s so funny!

And it’s just, ‘Prepare yourself for 10 years of not making any money. If you really can get throught 10 years of not owning anything or making any money, but keep doing good stuff with your friends, eventually one of your friends will become successful'” Amy cracks up. “And then you can take it from there.”

-SNL‘s Amy Poehler [Page Six Magazine]

This is a note for those talented whippersnappers! (The untalented ones can go do reality TV.)

**Photo via Accidental Sexiness