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The way Soho smells after rain shower

my back after an extended stretch

the hurt in my ribs after a deep satisfying laugh

the scene in Us where Red says “We’re Americans”

the days where no obligations beckon and life allows restlessness to be contentment

January’s theme song…


Reading, Listening, Living….



I am in the middle of a setback. It is not minor or major. It is a setback that requires me to be aware about my possibilities and patient with my emotions.  I’m doing a lot of reading and listening to help me live through the setback.  I’m sharing my reading/listening list because maybe you will find some insight and comfort, as well.

Happy reading and listening,


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the list….


it is not a fixed list but a guide….this is what I’m working on becoming before I die…

Great sense of humor /wicked sense of humor

Skilled with his hands (able to fix things)

Healthy well-adjusted relationships in personal and professional life

Kind of heart – connected to the world in a meaningful way

  • Knows what’s important to argue over and what’s not
  • Cares about people and wants to make a difference in life
  • Not a dreamer but in touch with his inner child (but not arrested development)

·        Knows how to take a weekend off to go to Tahiti and why
·        Values reciprocity (and acts accordingly)
·        Has an inner asshole but deploys it judiciously
·        Prefers fun over moping
·        Thoughtful
·        Challenging in debate and the head
·        Intellectually curious
·        Cute

Values reciprocity