T. I. to be offered 15 YEAR PRISON TERM for attempting to purchase illegal guns.



Yashin.TV has the story.

His lawyers are appealing but DAMN! isn’t that excessive? 

I hate myself but I’m downloading this…


Should I go to the movies this weekend?



The last movie I saw was There Will Be Blood and I wasn’t disappointed.

Daniel Day Lewis commands the screen as a crazed greedy maniac oil man. Watching him, I thought of all the super successful people in the world and wondered if they are living in a constant state of me monomania. I loved that his performance made my brain go off on tangents and that I believed in his Daniel Plainview.

But this weekend I may have a tough time finding that.

Semi Pro – Will I laugh as hard as I laughed at Old School and The Landlord?

The Other Boleyn Girl – I would rather start a meth lab than pay to see Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson for two hours.

Penelope – A movie about a girl with pig nose searching for true love means pajamas, sofa and hot chocolate to me. It doesn’t translate to me even thinking about leaving the house.

City of Men – A sequel of sorts to City of God, which was a riveting, brutal with funny moments. Am I up for a return to the slums of Rio?

Vantage Point– I wanted to see this when I saw the trailers in January. Then the swelling went down in my brain. The cast is good (Forest Whitaker, Dennis Quaid, William Hurt, Matthew Fox) but at some point, the feeling of being force fed political thriller cliches will bother me and I will get pissed for spending $11 to have my time wasted.

Be Kind Rewind – I don’t know why I’m not feeling this Michel Gondry movie because I loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Is it because I’m tired of Jack Black? Or Mos Def annoys me a little? I don’t know but little T is whispering that I will be clawing my eyes out in boredom.

Tallulah watches ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’



 Name that movie.


Patti Stanger seeks out women for millionaires to date.  Doesn’t that sound weird?  How hard could it be for rich men to find someone to date? Supposedly, her clients are seeking THE ONE or some advice on how to date smarter so they can attract and recognize the one.  The one is the creature who is brilliant, sexy, grounded, charming, enticing.  You know, perfect.

Patti doesn’t deal with strippers and golddiggers; her pool of dating strives for the smart and beautiful.   Tonight’s millionaires are Brendan and Robby.  Brendan flies in  from  his home in New Jersey to LA to meet with Patti.  He wants a woman with life goals that go beyond being a wife & mother and his ideal woman is Elisha Cuthbert.   

Next is Robby, the Roller Rapper.  Robby’s money comes from building sports complexes in Florida.  At first glance he looks like a goofy surfer pothead.  Then, he shares that he rollerskated across the country to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Patti meets Robby at his house which is decorated in post-undergraduate, circa 1992.  She is very displeased  and tells him that he’s 39 & he needs to grow up.  Patti is a stern mama matchmaker!  

Robby feels that his living space has ‘spirits’ and works for him.  Robby is not the first millionaire on the show who isn’t into having  a show palace.  I get the distinct feeling that their housing choices are a firewall to repel any woman who is looking for a sugar lay and/or daddy.  Robby doesn’t look like he’s into Patti’s advice.

Oh goody…Patti is returning to Harold, the 40something millionaire from the first episode who selected a twentysomething to date.  This is a sample of their date conversation:

Woman: What kind of movies do you like?

Harold: The English Patient

Woman: I liked Napoleon Dynamite.

Harold: What’s that?

Incompatible, right? Not to Harold.  He chose to ignore that big flag and asked her out for a second date. (She blew him off.)  I don’t blame him because she was cute but I do blame him for being daft.  In his mind this was his perfect mate, a woman who is 20 years younger than him. 

Patti does a house call to see if he’s had a reality check and wants to  date women closer to his age range.  She’s asking him to not get hung up on age and ‘look at the package.’   I’m not convinced he’s convinced. 

Now, Robby and Brendan are getting the Patti first date prep talk.  She covers the basics: pull out the chair, don’t talk about politics and religion, be gentlemen.  Robby feels like she’s treating him like a child and Patti in her post chat interview says hey he’s 39, single and hasn’t had a girlfriend in 11 years.  I feel he needs this information. 

Because Patti isn’t friends with these men, she doesn’t have to lie to them EVER:  You will never hear her say, It’s not you man, she’s the problem.  You’re too good for her.   She frank and I find it refreshing.

A Pattism:  If a guy waits for a week or the four day rule like in Swingers to call, girls who have spine or brains move on. The ones who wait around are doormats.

Brendan’s date is with Charlene who isn’t his type — she’s more Jessica Alba than Elisha Cuthbert.  There was zero chemistry and now, he wants his blonde. (Doesn’t everyone?)

Robby’s date is a success.  He asked out for a second date before the first date ends.  I love when that happens on a date even if guy turns out to be the kind of person who sees you as a sex toy rather than a human being.  

Brendan’s first date with his second choice Caroline goes much better.  He asks her out again before the end of the second date too!  This puts a big smile on Patti’s face.  Being the matchmaker, she’s still giving tips about communication and flowers.  This would annoy the hell out of me but Brendan doesn’t seem to mind. I don’t know what famous person he looks like.

Patti follows up with Robby about his second date and Robby fires her.  I guess because he’s a free spirit and all her rules were bringing hm down.  But 10 seconds later, the epilogue states that he’s dating someone else from the her service.  

The men who appear on the show receive their counseling for free and I have no idea what Patti charges her clients or how successful she is at her job.   I watch for the tune out after a crazy day dealing with morons.  But now, that I’ve watched a few episodes, I have to admit I’ve learned a few things about men and how they approach the dating game.   Lately, I’m sensing that rich, poor, handsome and ugly men believe that a minimum of effort is required to entice a woman to spend time with them.  They are mastering the art of lo fi dating, which involves meeting at Starbucks for a latte and then going back to his apartment to watch Entourage.

And the sucky part?  There are women who gladly say yes to that kind of lackadaisical socializing!  Which makes men think hey, I can do this with every woman I meet and it will work out fine and if it doesn’t, I’ll keep looking for the one who doesn’t mind and hook up with her. 

But in some weird cosmic way, Patti Stanger’s hardcore dating advice for men to value women lets us know that we don’t have to settle for watching television and foamy burnt tasting coffee.  

I guess we owe Patti a thank you.

Love this song…


Chrisette Michele’s Best of Me

Loved you, lost you
Thought I’d give you
All the best of me
We departed
Broken hearted
I need to be free

Heart healing with a  gentle, inviting groove.

All because she had to have Kevin Federline….




NY Times on the impact of Britney Spears downward spiral on her net worth and career:

Ms. Spears will not run out of money anytime soon, but her longer-term prospects have taken a hit in the last year because of bizarre behavior — her public scenes, questionable parenting skills and a shaky comeback performance at the MTV Awards — and her tortured personal life after her divorce from Kevin Federline, formerly one of her backup dancers.

According to court documents, her everyday finances seem to have fallen into disrepair as well. A Feb. 14 court filing put it starkly: “Members of Britney’s household,” it said, “have been paying for her basic necessities, including medicine, food, and other day-to-day needs.”

On Feb. 1, the day after Ms. Spears was involuntarily admitted for treatment at the U.C.L.A. Medical Center, her estranged father, Jamie Spears, was named her co-conservator, giving him control over her treatment, security, visitors and daily life.Mr. Spears is sharing oversight of her estate with an independent lawyer, Andrew M. Wallet, to dispel the notion that Ms. Spears’s parents were making a grab for their daughter’s fortune. With the court’s permission, they immediately fired her business manager.

Possibly her parents couldn’t stop her from marrying that deadbeat because it meant that they would be cut off: 

All the independent lawyers aside, one cannot ignore money as a motivating factor as the estranged Spears parents joined forces. Since she first became a pop star in 1999 on the strength of her hit “Baby One More Time,” she has been the primary breadwinner for the entire Spears clan.

She just had to have broke ass K-Fed who was the father of a toddler with another baby on the way and look where it got her: 

For now, the people around Ms. Spears are occupied with more basic questions — about how she will live, rather than whether she might perform again. Lawyers and her parents are trying to find the appropriate middle ground between confining Ms. Spears physically and allowing her too much freedom for her own good.This is not an easy balance to strike, said one expert on conservatorships for the infirm, Marc B. Hankin, who at one point represented Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. “With good social support and good pharmacologists, you can help people come back to life, and a lot of people will never come back without that,” he said.  

Lesson:  Some penises — no matter how big and luscious – are the path to ruin. 


“It’s so hard to get in there in the first place, then you finally make it in and this happens.”


-a 20something who patronised the new hep spot Socialista, when a bartender infected with Hepatitis A was working at the club.

Hepatitis A is a virus that is usually spread by contact (stop eating NOW if you are reading this) with the infected’s stool by eating food the infected has handled after not washing their hands. (Explains why there are signs everywhere imploring restaurant and bar employees to wash their hands.)

In other words, hep A is gross.New York City’s Department of Health is offering free vaccines for any patrons who hit the club during the days the bartender was working — February 7, 8 and 11. Patrons who might want to get their free shots include Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Lucy Liu, Salma Hayek, Kate Hudson and Bruce Willis. They were loving life on February 7, celebrating Ashton Kutcher’s 30th birthday.

The free vaccine and maybe a handwritten note of apology from Socialista’s co-owner and NBC Entertainment president Ben Silverman might make up for putting a damper on the good time?

This is why Tallulah is a big proponent of drinking at home. Maybe the company isn’t famous and can get quite belligerent but I always wash my hands when fixing the drinks.