Heather Mills is a greedy greedy goat.*



Basically, she’s blackmailing Paul McCartney to give her the settlement she wants:

The couple reportedly remain split over the size of the financial settlement and the conditions attached to it. Mills is said to believe that her marriage ruined her reputation and her only means of generating income is to write a tell-all book; McCartney is thought to be insistent any settlement includes a gagging clause.

She would rather write a book that would probably embarrass their daughter that she loves dearly to ensure a bigger chunk of the money Paul McCartney earned BEFORE he even knew she existed than maybe figure out some humane solution to the issue that doesn’t humiliate her own flesh and blood down the road.

Goat of the day.

Paul, call me.


*According to the Tallulah Bankhead Dictionary, a goat is a person who does not care for anyone else’s thoughts, feelings or plans. He or she is a narcissist of the highest order. He or she will lie, cheat and steal to achieve their goals, which are mostly related to the most shallow and/or stupid pursuits. Goats deplore honesty. Goats are not to be trusted. EVER.