Dr. Roxanne Shante


Watching Ralph McDaniels interview Roxanne Shante on The Bridge and discover that Shante had it written in her recording contract that her record label had to pay for her college education. She has a masters in Psychology from Cornell and she’s thinking of going back for her law degree.

Paid by a record label!

She didn’t say which one but maybe it’s Tommy Boy?


3 thoughts on “Dr. Roxanne Shante

  1. Rock Star

    that may be one of the record industry’s best-kept secrets? God forbid other knuckleheads dying for deal get educated on the label’s dime. a BA from Cornell is worth @ $40K? they spend more than that on a listening party.

  2. TallulahBankhead

    no one today is asking for a record label to pay for their education…they are asking for lots of stuff that depreciates in value but not an education.

  3. The record label was Warner Bros.

    Peep the interview we did with her on my website disconnexions.com

    We also have footage from her 80’s party that she threw last year with performances by Shante, Just-ICE, MC Shan, Joeski Love, Kangol and more.

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