Love and Consequences, The Blurbs


I’m still laughing at the scam that Margaret Seltzer was able to pull on a (gullible) agent, publisher and anyone else who believed her reverse fairy tales. Haven’t any of these women watched Boyz In The Hood? Paid In Full?
But imagine if you were one of the authors who enthusiastically blurbed about Seltzer’s tale of made-up woe and redemption.  Big shout out to the author who said the memoir reminded him of S.E. Hinton’s classic The Outsiders. Good call, friend.

A must-read for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of contemporary American culture. Love and Consequences is a moving love letter to those who didn’t survive gang life, and a well-crafted inspiration for those who still have a chance to escape. Margaret Jones uses her own life to tear down the walls between South Central and the world beyond.” 

Rebecca Walker, author of Black, White and Jewish and Baby Love

“An important book, full of pathos and wisdom. Margaret B. Jones, contesting every bit of the way, catching at everything that might save her and those she loves, writes with pitiless intelligence and scathing honesty.”

Susanna Moore, author of The Big Girls and In the Cut

Written with tenderness and grit, Love and Consequences movingly describes the struggle for family, against Sisyphean odds, in South Central Los Angeles. It reminded me of S.E. Hinton’s classic The Outsiders.”

– George Howe Colt, author of New York Times bestseller, The Big House

“I spent every minute that I could steal with this book, and the morning after I had reached the last page, I felt lost, as if a trusted friend had suddenly moved away. Margaret B. Jones slices into the heart of South Central Los Angeles and spills her tangled life onto the page. Love and Consequences is raw and harsh and lovely. I’ve known poverty and hardship, and yet reading Margaret’s story was like visiting a parallel universe, one emboldened with hope and shot with danger. My God, Margaret is brave.”

– Barbara Robinette Moss, author of Change Me Into Zeus’s Daughter

I don’t think any of these people ever explained how they were duped.


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