Jim McGreevey says yes, we had threesomes and Dina Matos still says no.


https://i0.wp.com/content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/7/75/TGI_Fridays.pngThis is the part that makes me think that maybe Dina is fibbing. The driver specifically mentioned that the dates would start at TGI Fridays for drinks. It sounds like he is telling the truth because EVERYONE knows that TGI Fridays is the international house of threesomes!



Jezebel.com asks if that Lebron and Giselle Vogue cover is offensive…


Tallulah says yes but isn’t surprised.

(Confession: Tallulah does admit she’s hyper-aware of how African American athletes are represented in America and the world because she’s reading William C. Rhoden’s Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of the Black Athlete. Please forgive her for reading.)

If Vogue wanted to showcase athletes and models as the best bodies, Vogue could have used Tom Brady, the New England Patriots Super Bowl losing quarterback and Giselle’s man. Maybe no hum of controversy but hey, it would be the nice, typical cover of blandness for America’s leading fashion magazine and isn’t that what Anna Wintour wants , 24/7?

Also, there were other photos from the session that would not have tapped into the subconscious fears of many Americans of a big black brute manhandling the most delicate and worthy of prizes. Why use the one that plays into a hoary stereotype?

I know, I know.

Well, Concrete Loop weighs in and so does Sandra Rose.

Check it out.

I would not have been crying. My hands would have been wrapped around his neck.


New York Magazine cover story on l’affaire Spitzer:

She couldn’t stop crying. Barely one day earlier, the man she’d been married to for two decades, the father of her three daughters, had stunned Silda Wall Spitzer with the revelation that he’d been sleeping with prostitutes. Now here they were, on a cloudy Monday afternoon, in a warren of state-government offices on the 39th floor of a midtown building, among shell-shocked and tearful staffers. The New York Times had just broken the story on its Website.

She hated what he’d done, hated the idea of being seen as a “stand by your man” wife. But maybe appearing together today would somehow help their daughters through this nightmare. And Silda, an experienced lawyer herself, had somehow been able to think objectively about what her absence might say to federal prosecutors. She and Lloyd Constantine, a longtime Spitzer confidant, were nearly alone in arguing against an immediate resignation; Eliot, recognizing he was a political dead man, had wanted to do it first thing Monday morning. So they’d settled on a press conference in which Spitzer would apologize, admit nothing, and cling to his job. It was scheduled to begin at 2:15. Nearly an hour later, Silda wasn’t ready for an excruciating appearance in front of the press.

Spitzer stood still, not trying to console her or to make excuses. He was silent, his head down. He would wait as long as Silda needed. Spitzer dabbed his eyes. Silda slowly composed herself. Then they walked through the door, into the glare of TV lights, for the beginning of the end. Eliot Spitzer’s secret was out.

The goat gets a check, the goat gets a check…



Heather Mills gets $48.6M of Paul McCartney’s money.

“I’m so, so happy with this,” Mills told reporters following the closed hearing.

What a blabbermouth!


Did she forget that her husband watched her have sex with another guy? 

What is wrong with having sex with someone and not telling? Does everyone have to tell the world about their sexcapades?

The latest big mouth is former New Jersey governor/permanent gay American Jim McGreevey’s former driver, Ted Pedersen. He is telling anyone who will listen that he had sex with McGreevey’s wife Dina during their marriage. That Jim McGreevey watched them do it, too. (If true, ths makes perfect sense because why would a gay man want to sleep with his wife? HE WANTS A MAN.)

Why is Pedersen spilling the beans three years after McGreevey came out and resigned to avoid a sexual harassment suit by his boy toy Golan Cipel?

The aide said he was going public with the explosive X-rated tale because Matos McGreevey portrayed herself as an innocent victim in TV interviews about the hooker scandal that brought down New York‘s governor, Eliot Spitzer.

If Pedersen is lying, then he’s a jerk.  If he’s not, did Dina conveniently forget that this little secret was waiting to boomerang on her?

This wish may be in vain but….



I hope Halle Berry doesn’t pimp out pictures of her new daughter.