Girl meets boy. Girl marries boy. Girl tearfully supports boy after he’s accused of rape.


Darlene Rodriguez, anchorwoman of WNBC-TV's 'Today in New York,' was in tears outside the courtroom before her husband's arraignment on rape charges.

via NY Daily News

I wonder what marriage does to some people to make them do the things they do.

The latest hit to heterosexual matrimony comes from the case of WNBC-TV’s anchor Darlene Rodriguez and her husband New Rochelle Police Sgt. David Rodriguez. According to the NY Daily News,

Authorities say Rodriguez’s husband, New Rochelle Sgt. David Rodriguez, raped a 17-year-old girl inside her home last month, a day after he helped arrest her live-in boyfriend.

The incident began on Feb. 8, when cops were called to the teenager’s house because of a report of a fight. Rodriguez was off-duty at the time.

The officers arrested the girl’s 35-year-old boyfriend on an assault charge, New Rochelle police said.

He was released on bail and the police were called again that same night.

This time, Rodriguez was one of four officers who arrested the abusive beau for violating an order of protection, police said.

Two days later, the girl claimed an off-duty Rodriguez returned to her home the next morning and attacked her.

“He engaged the victim and forcibly raped her,” New Rochelle Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll said.

Here’s the part that makes me think he did it…when do cops arrest one of their own so quickly? I imagine that the New Rochelle Police Department would do everything in their power to squash this if it were deemed to be the talk of a vengeful teenager. I hope I’m wrong but if I’m not, Mrs. Rodriguez might want to call Silda Wall for coping tips on how to survive a husband’s twisted views on fidelity.


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