Again, the rules are different for women.


A blind item from Panache Report:

You don’t have to be a sports fan to know who this NBA star is. The open marriage he shares with his wife is slowly leaking out. She found out about his numerous outside kids as well as his jump-off and wifey.

She threatened to take him to the cleaners unless he agreed to an open marriage. She got involved with another NBA player. Rumor has it, our star had him traded.

They recently attended a very affluent and discreet swingers event for celebrities. He participated in a group orgy but became enraged when his wife engaged in sex with a celebrity at the party. He grabbed her and made a scene, telling her, “you are the mother of my kids, I dare you!” despite the fact he participated in an orgy. When she brought this up, he said, “men have different needs than women, accept it.”

According to our source, after she dressed, he roughly grabbed her by the arm and they exited the party.

But, but, but he brought his wife to the party!!!!!

If he didn’t want her there, why didn’t he tell her he was going out for an In N Out burger with his teammates?

Or bring his jump-off?

This picks up on the double standard that several men have when it comes to sex and infidelity. Translation: I can f**k whoever I want, when I want and how I want. You are the mother of my kids and have to adhere to a standard I dictate which means only my penis gets to be in your various holes.

It doesn’t matter if a man’s net worth is $1 or $100 million, he can justify this belief because it’s important that the mother of his children is a wholesome creature that could never ever desire another man. (I’m giggling at this, too.)

Why are men, STILL, embracing the impossible archetypes (madonna, whore, jumpoff, mommy) for women to aspire or stoop to? (Paging Eliot Spitzer.) It’s as if their upstairs and downstairs brains refuse to accept that a woman’s sexuality isn’t wrapped up in her ability to keep the human race going. And that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I wish that NBA star (and other men who think like him) would give all the women in his life the space to explore their sexuality to the fullest without imposing his warped psychosexual hangups.


Did they or didn’t they?


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Star reported last night that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married. The story was picked up by the world. And then weighed in, as the matronly grandmother of gossip mags, with the sobering quote from the ever reliable ‘source close to the couple’ that nope, no wedding.

Who is the source?  Is it Cindy Guagenti, Pitt’s publicist? Maybe Jon Voight, Angelina’s father?  Or maybe it’s The Secret Council of American Negros ‘Littlest’ Agent?

It’s not that deep who the source is but I’m curious why People thinks that would be good enough to debunk a competitor’s major scoop (if it turns out to be true.)



Why do I have to wait until 2009 for David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News?


Comedy Central has announced that David Alan Grier will be the executive producer of David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News, a fake magazine show that
makes no apologies for its biased approach as it investigates inherently urban pop culture topics such as an operation to save black and white conjoined twins, steroid use in Little Leaguers and a rapper’s public service announcement gone awry. The point-of-view is decidedly from an African American perspective and everyone and everything is fair game for Grier and his regular team of investigators.


Here are some other topics for the show to consider:

Quotes of the week…

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Our music is not about our lifestyle, who we kick it with, how we talk when we’re around them, the dances we do, or where we go shopping. So why show things that imply any of that stuff?

-Danger Mouse, discussing Gnarls Barkley in EW

Wouldn’t it save MTV untold piles of cash if they replaced Lauren Conrad with, say, a duffel bag?

-Heather Havrilesky review of The Hills,

I was shocked and amazed that they got that much money for a concept that Martin Mull had written a book on back in 1985.

-Ron Hogan, who writes GalleyCat, a blog about the publishing industry on the book deal for the author of (NY Times)

I was really trying to get The Boss, but The Boss is all over the world. It didn’t really work out. I know he’s interested in doing it. And I’m interested in doing it.

-Nelly (yes, that Nelly) on working with Bruce Springsteen (Newsweek)

From one pimp to another …


The Donald Wants Eliot’s Ho for his new reality show.