Thandie Newton is Condi Rice.


Condoleeza Rice Will Condi Run

Thandie Newton has been cast to play Condeleeza Rice in Oliver Stone‘s W.

The film will explore the curious life and times President George W. Bush. The cast also features Josh Brolin (No Country For Old Men) as W, Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush, James Cromwell as George Bush Sr. and Ioan Gruffudd as former British prime minister Tony Blair.

Color me very intrigued! Can’t wait to see Thandie’s interpretation of Condi Rice, a woman who is very brilliant but uses her powers for evil and not the kind of evil where someone steals a script from a friend, gets the role and wins an Oscar but the kind of evil where people die because of a misguided foreign policy.


3 thoughts on “Thandie Newton is Condi Rice.

  1. Well, given the crap occupying government in every state of the Union and the Fed gov, why should we be too suprised, after all this is what corruption looks like buck naked! Its all about the rich and what they want and in their world they are the Gods and Godesses. It will be interesting to see what THE REAL God has to say about all these orgies!

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