What happens when the help gets ‘uppity’ nowadays…



I have loved you since The Outsiders.

…Rob Lowe is learning the hard way after being threatened with exposure of ‘a vicious laundry list of false terribles’ after declining to pay a former nanny $1.5 million after she abruptly quit her job. Lowe blogs on the Huffington Post about his refusal to give into such blatant blackmail especially after she sent  two very apologetic emails to his wife.

The post doesn’t mention the salary of the former nanny. Was she so underpaid/abused that she felt comfortable to attempt such chicanery? Right now, unless the nanny has proof of ‘the terribles’, I’m inclined to believe Lowe because who apologizes for quitting to someone who has abused them?

Also it makes me think of the good old days when slavery was in full effect and free child care was not a problem. There was no texting of whiny regrets at leaving a job or blackmailing of employers. Because that threat would be met with a whip!*

*I’m kidding. There was no texting during slavery.


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