Spring is springing…


and the flip flops are out on New York’s filthy sidewalks. Yesterday, I saw a pair of feet that were unsightly. Dirt encrusted toenails. Smudged heels. Exposed to horrify anyone with eyes.

Pre recession, it would be easy to say ‘Prithee can get a pedicure!’ But with the economy in its queasy state, shelling out $20 – $30 for a full on foot scraping may not be in the budget.

Tallulah understands and has some solutions.

Olay has this new product called Thermal Pedicure. You wet your feet and slather this concoction on your feet to provide a warming, softening sensation. I’ve used it twice and I feel the difference. Yes it was $9.99 but that’s a small price to pay for daily foot pampering.

For those of us who truly mean business, the next step is overnight foot repair. The kind that means slathering on a thick heavy smoothing cream and wearing softening socks to bed. Sally Hansen has several creams to do the trick but right now, I like the 18 hour Cracked Heel Cream to do the trick

(It was a tough winter!)

Finish off the toenails by clipping and buffing them because who needs toe nails that snag on socks?

Although it’s lovely to be spoiled with an indulgent pedicure every once in awhile, there are some affordable options to consider before sharing gag worthy feet with the world.


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