An open letter to Damon Wayans…


You’ve got a lot of people’s attention with your skit, Abortion Man.

The blogs What About Our Daughters and Jezebel are asking what is up with your tasteless take on unwanted pregnancy but I’m curious about something else.

Damon, what life have you been living that kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach is funny?

Have any of your friends or relatives been subject to the baby shakedown?

(An aside: The baby shakedown is when a woman decides, after her lover, boyfriend, jump-off emphatically states that he doesn’t want a baby and asks her to have an abortion, to have the baby anyway and make him pay child support.

I’m aware it takes two to make a baby but it doesn’t take two to have a baby. If a man states that he doesn’t want to parent a child with a woman, isn’t it best for a woman to take his word for it? There are other options than attempting to force some men in accepting their responsibility. Maybe terminate his parental rights and not ask for any financial support? If the goal is to be a mother, do it. But if the goal is to have a child to keep a man tied to you for the rest of his life no matter who gets hurt then….I don’t know what to say.)

Damon, there must be a baby shakedown in your past to make you come up with this, right? And I wish you would talk about the baby shakedown or whatever else is bothering you about unplanned pregnancies instead of having your son put on a cape to look like an utter fool.

Damon, I think you may need a professional therapist to help you work out the thorny issue of why you feel the best answer to an unplanned pregnancy is a beatdown. Find someone. But please….

no more lousy comedy/social commentary skits. It makes you and your fam look stupid.

Damon Wayans Thinks Violently Attacking Black Pregnant Teens is Funny: “Abortion Man” (WAOD)

“Abortion Man”: The Worst, Supposedly Video You May Ever See (Jezebel)


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