Have you ever put snot in your boss’s food?


That’s what Gawker is reporting that an assistant did to editor (US Weekly, Star) Bonnie Fuller’s food.

I have never ever put bodily fluids in a manager’s or co-worker‘s food… is this a new workplace trend? What happened to going to Human Resources and explaining the problem? What happened to looking for a new job to escape a crazy boss?

What happened to drowning your sorrows with your co-workers in a bar?

Snot in food is not the answer!

Because Tallulah is a believer in karma, my workplace revenge schemes have been limited to the old cc trick. You know, trading emails back and forth with a lazy and/or stupid co-worker and to finally resolve the issue including a senior manager on the email thread, resulting in the lazy and/or stupid co-worker to slink away because their buffoonery has been revealed for very important eyes to see.

I know lame, right?

Okay, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever done in the name of workplace retaliation?

2 thoughts on “Have you ever put snot in your boss’s food?

  1. I took my boss’ cellphone, rubbed it on my cooch, and put it back after I heard from the GM of my job that “there was no way he was going to give that black c*** a raise.”

    I thought he should know what one smells like.

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