The flipside of Crazy Gets All The Play: The Relationship Sociopath


A few months ago, I wrote the Crazy Gets All The Play post. It discussed that most men seem to seek out sexy yet crazy woman. Knowing full well that they are risking rape accusations, fake paternity claims, after hour phone calls to the wifey — so many dudes say Where do I sign up for this ride?

But you know there’s the flip side to that, right?

Men who are relationship sociopaths. Some people would say that all men are relationship sociopaths but Tallulah can’t agree with that. I’m talking about the kind of men who say ish like his wife ‘should have known he was gay.’

I’m talking about Jim McGreevey, former Governor of New Jersey and forever Gay American. I’m not defending his former wife Dina’s attempt to punish Jim for blowing up her cushy life as the First Lady of New Jersey.

Matos McGreevey, 41, claims she should be compensated for 13 months she would have lived in the governor’s mansion had McGreevey not resigned in disgrace. The worth of the so-called gubernatorial lifestyle _ including state police security, a personal chef, a household staff, and use of two beach houses _ and whether Matos McGreevey is entitled to be compensated for it was the subject of much of Monday’s testimony.

I don’t blame her for being angry, but I do blame her for thinking she’s owed anything. Let it go and raise your daughter. Forget that you stood up there with him while he made his announcement and missed your opportunity to publicly berate him for lying to you. Be glad that you don’t have to wake up to this liar anymore. Thrive without the lying P. O. S.

But Jim is a real sociopath. Any man who turns it around that his wife should have known he was gay WHEN HE KNEW HE WAS GAY is a sneaky, underhanded weasel.

He’s no better than a guy who thinks oral sex with someone other than his wife isn’t sex.

Or a guy who prefers to be unfaithful and get married.

Or a boyfriend who hopes you might be cool with him fathering another child.

Or this guy who took a one night stand to mean marriage.

Or the married evangelical preacher who believes in meth and prostitutes.

All Relationship Sociopaths to be avoided, by any means necessary.

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