FitFlops? I’ve had a pair since October 2007.


And no, the shoes aren’t a built in gym but on long walks they do have impact on calves and thighs. (I may need to walk from New York to Florida for them to do something about my arse, though.)

What I love most about them is that the soles are thicker than the average flip flop, thus keeping my feet away from the guck and grime that overpopulates NYC streets.


One thought on “FitFlops? I’ve had a pair since October 2007.

  1. The Fitflop concept seems to build up on the MBT sole scheme, even though the actual sole build ups some what differ in both cases. There seems to be a whole lot of potential in the idea of making an instable shoe for workout purpose. The scientific term for excercise meassurement, Excercise Rate Of Return, ROR, determines the amount of the effect a particular training device has upon its user. In the case of Fitflops ROR is being reported fairly large.
    Exactly where the results will show up on the user in terms of a muscle buildup, or weightloss, stays to be discovered yet. I could imagine, that a certain gaitpattern, the wearer uses purposely to train a particular bodypart, could play a role.

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