Introducing Miss Slum, a new restaurant in Williamsburg…


Actually the restaurant is called Miss Favela which is funny because that is the name for slums in Rio. So there will be tons of patrons slurping down caipirinhas in this homage to poverty, disease, crime, despair and death.

The humor in people scurrying to escape and avoid New York’s slums and ghettos to go eat in a restaurant which seems to celebrate the aesthetic escapes me right now.

I mean what makes celebrating slum in a foreign country more appealing than one right in your own backyard?  And I wonder if there will be drug trafficking and crime in Miss Favela?  Because that’s what happens in real favelas.



7 thoughts on “Introducing Miss Slum, a new restaurant in Williamsburg…

  1. Claudia

    I recently found out by asking and For those of you too quick to judge, the owner is actually from Rio. and grew up in a slum.

    Perhaps it’s homage to herself getting out and making something of herself.

  2. TallulahBankhead

    So New Yorkers who pay their money for slum recreation with food and drink as opposed to the ghettos in their backyards should be lauded?

    It’s cool but it still makes me laugh how Americans fetishize poverty in other nations but prefer to ignore the poverty that’s staring them right in the face.

    It’s their choice ….it’s just a fascinating and mysterious one.

  3. Anne

    Americans? Foreigners do it too. It’s not an American “condition” it is a human one. There is plenty of poverty outside and inside the U.S. and people don’t do a damn thing about it. No, they sit and hope for someone to do something. Pathetic, So don’t judge New Yorkers. Chances are people from your town are like this too.

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