Idiot of the Day: Javon Walker, Wide Receiver, Oakland Raiders


Javon Walker, the multimillionaire, witness to the murder of Darrent Williams and recent victim of a vicious Vegas beatdown, sayeth this:

“I was just back at my room and at about 5:30 in the morning I got a knock at the door. I opened it and 3 guys with guns were there. They cracked me in the head a few times, knocking me unconscious. They then robbed me of everything I had; my watch, money, everything! Somehow they got me to a car and dropped me off in the street. That’s what happened.”

Source: The Dirty

Nevermind who opens the door without knowing who or what is on the other side. Mr. Walker forgot something very important about Sin City. The cameras. They are everywhere to catch gambling cheats mostly but also to catch immature professional athletes in an outright lie.

The Bellagio, politely and succinctly, calls Mr. Walker a fibber:

“The facts that have been reported regarding the incident involving Javon Walker are incorrect. I am unable to provide further detail out of respect for the Metro investigation which is currently underway.”

Source: Fanhouse

Now, I’m not going to bleat about how Mr. Walker’s actions being a blemish on the NFL’s character. Or how he’s emblematic of a culture that is denigrating professional sports. I don’t buy that because idiots work everywhere (e.g. government, legal profession, academia, entertainment) and some of them even thrive.

But isn’t it sad that Mr. Walker forgot about how Vegas hotels and casinos love to record everything? Isn’t it heartbreaking that he’s going to be revealed not only as a lying chump but as an idiot of humongous proportions?

Javon Walker, clearly deserving of the moniker

Idiot of the Day.

Bellagio Calls Bullshit on Javon [Rhymes with Snitch]

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3 thoughts on “Idiot of the Day: Javon Walker, Wide Receiver, Oakland Raiders

  1. bryant4114

    Personally I’d be inclined to cut him some slack seeing as he doesn’t seem to have coped with the death of Williams

  2. TallulahBankhead

    i would agree with you…except this is a young man who has the resources to get the help he needs yet makes alternative choices.

    at a certain point in his life, he needs to take responsibility for his choices.

  3. Skeeter D

    No, the dude has had plenty of chances. He is not all that good. He has been going downhill for years. Bottom-line, he is a quitter, slacker and an idiot. Cut his high-priced butt and move on.

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