Ralph Nader in his own words.


From the NY Times Caucus Blog:

He said Mr. Obama has not discussed poverty in the inner cities enough, and the fact that he is African-American should make a difference.

“What difference it should make is that he would be more sensitive and determined to bring elevated visibility and concrete programs to deal with these issues,” Mr. Nader said. “Wouldn’t a woman president be expected to be more responsive to women’s rights? It’s just more natural.”

He said that Mr. Obama “obviously made a tactical decision that he’s not going to campaign politically as Jesse Jackson did.”

“He wants to come across that he’s not politically threatening to the white power class and the liberal intelligentsia,” Mr. Nader said. “It’s been a brilliant tactic.”

But I guess expecting white men (e.g. John McCain) to be more responsive to white men rights isn’t open for discussion? It’s funny how Nader doesn’t acknowledge that maybe McCain may want to coddle to the white power class too?

Also, someone tell Nader that only half of Obama should be expected to worry about the plight of African Americans.

So many liberals have dropped their masks because of Obama’s run for the White House. Tallulah says keep dropping!


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