Well, no one is forcing anyone to watch BET.


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Reginald Hudlin and Debra Lee don’t care how if BET’s programming sucks; they have their paper already.

Seriously. I’ve been reading about how BET has lost Proctor and Gamble, Pepsi, General Motors (like they can afford advertising!) and CNN as advertisers from Rap City and 106 & Park after Industry Ears released The Rap on Rap, a report on BET and MTV programming.

Of course BET Chairman and CEO Debra Lee dismissed the study. I wonder if this woman allows anyone in her family under the age of 18 to actually watch BET?

Paul Porter of Industry Ears (and a former BET employee!) explains why the report caused companies to rethink their marketing plans:

It’s geared for kids but the content is for adults,” Porter told HipHopDX. “That’s what the study shows.

Now Porter isn’t a scold — he listens to hip hop that’s clearly geared for his adult ears. He is asking for corporations to make the distinction, as well. So far, only BET seems to have lost advertising. I wonder if MTV will feel the financial burn, as well? Also, you do know that BET will be replacing their lost advertisers promptly.

With that thought in mind, why not just turn the ish off?

Yeah, don’t watch it.

No one is forcing anyone to watch BET, MTV or VH1. Granted, if you have to watch for your livelihood, then do what you must but if you know that these channels add zero value to your life and actually detract, don’t watch.

It’s not a boycott, it’s making a choice.

BET Loses Sponsorship over Content [Hip Hop DX]

You Can Stop The Vile Media [Jenice Armstrong, Philadelphia Daily News]


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