it’s too damn hot for serious contemplation of gossip and silliness.


Just got back from vacation, where the land was lush and green and pretty.

I woke up to overcast days that were quickly replaced by a sultry sun.

No mugginess, thank God!

A few days away from the tentacles of American television, Internet and a cell phone reminded me how utterly ridiculous American culture is.

Although I relish the moments that transcend the stupid, I know these moments are exceptions. I wish I could say that it’s just the heat that makes me such a crank but after a quick tour of news I missed while gone….it ain’t the heat, it’s the truth that’s got me knocking most things American.

  • Dina Lohan. Bad mothers exist all over the world but only in America are they rewarded with a TV show and a showcase for their talent free antics. Dina Lohan STILL wants to be a star so bad, it hurts. And someone is selling advertising on her dire need to pimp her nonexistent talents. I wonder if that someone still has their house?
  • I’m voting for Barack Obama because I don’t want to stare at Senator Rigor Mortis’ face for the next four years. Also if one more person brays about how Senator Rigor Mortis is in favor of women having any kind of control over their uteruses, I’m going to scream.
  • Bridezillas. The brides to be. The husbands to be. The producers egging these nutjobs on. All should be held responsible. Including me because I’m addicted. I wonder if I can get on Intervention?

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