And yet I don’t care.


Yes, I’m Gay [HuffPo]


Oh Bill…


You still got it…joking with Jon Stewart about McDonald apple pies (which is all I will be able to afford at this rate!)

I know everyone in the studio is standing because they miss him so much!

Jon is asking Bill about Bush’s cognitive dissonance on socialism for businesses versus socialism for human beings.

Bill is offering a solution to current financial issue.  I can’t type fast enough to copy what he said, it will be available online tomorrow I’m sure.

Current crisis is due to(according to Bill Clinton)

Too much speculation for too long.

Okay, need to find out if Krugman and Reich (my two fave economists this week) agree.

Blogging Bill Clinton’s appearance on ‘The Daily Show’…


I wonder if Bill will talk about Chris Rock’s jokey joke on Letterman last night?