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UPDATE – She is, quite simply, the dumbest VP nominee EVER


Palin doesn’t understand First Amendment [Salon]

At this point, McCain should have called me to be his running mate.  I would have been an improvement.  I’m waiting for the right wing brain trust to defend this. 5, 3, 4, 2, 1…..

AND here’s why I love the Internets.  People from every corner can discuss the the brainiac’s latest dosage of constitutional brilliance.  Also, it’s not piling on when she makes it so easy!


Palin’s First Amendment []

Clueless: Prof. Palin on the First Amendment [Spin Cycle]

An Amendment That Isn’t In The Constitution [The American Prospect]

Audio! [A Tiny Revolution]

Media moment of the day – Alec Baldwin & David Letterman


UPDATE #2- If these two losers win…



I will know the real glue that holds America together — ignorance and fear.

I will have more fear of Americans who believe that ignorance and fear are virtues compared to sober pragmatic intelligence.

I will wonder if The Financial Times and The Economist feel comfortable having a bunch of economic boneheads in charge of the US economy.

I will pray that Andrew Sullivan, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher and Chris Matthews don’t spontaneously combust at the reality of living with a McPalin presidency.

I will wonder how long it will be before Palin kills McCain to assume the presidency.

I will not riot.

I will be fetal and may not leave my bed for a few days.

I will leave my bed for fried chicken and chocolate cheesecake.

I will watch American media make a worthless fuss over the birth of Bristol Palin’s illegitimate crotchfruit and eventual wedding.

I will not pray for America.  I’m done. If McPalin wins, I don’t care anymore.

I will watch the fuckwits who whinge about their taxes finally figure out how the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are being funded. (That McPalin don’t bother explaining to their zombies on the campaign trail just how much the zombie are funding the two wars with their hard earned money  is akin to a person repeatedly  having unprotected sex with a retarded person.)

I will wonder if the same fuckwits will realize that their wealth has been spread around to the wealthy. (Probably not, that requires being exposed to other media than Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the National Review.)

I will watch in horror as Palin galumphs around the world in all her uncouth glory with her lunkhead husband.

I will bemoan the fact that Satan’s butt boy James Dobson will feel empowered to practice more bigotry and sexism because a vote for Palin is a vote for gay discrimination and anti-choice.

Update – I will steal anti-depressants for my friends because some of them will need them.

I will read James Baldwin for sustenance. Especially The Fire Next Time.

I will watch The Colbert Report and The Daily Show religiously because well they will be my Prozac, Lithium and Ambien.

I will weep because a McPalin win means Patrick and Bay Buchanan will NEVER GO AWAY.

Song of the Day


Big Pun

Still Not A Player

It is so good, it hurts.

Link Slut, October 29th


Miss Piggy Rocks!

Why doesn’t The Economist mention any of Sarah Palin’s socialist tendencies when discussing the Republican ticket accusing Barack Obama of being a socialist? [The Economist]

(An aside: Fine, no one pays taxes for the rest of their lives.  There goes the funding for the Iraq AND Afghanistan Wars, no money to pay off the insurgents in Iraq, no funding for  autism and Down’s Syndrome research, who needs to maintain our bridges and highways…that’s right no taxes ever again!)

Kanye picked this outfit for Rihanna.  I’m so sure. [The Frisky]

I am not a mother but I think if my child was possibly involved in a triple homicide, I would not be talking to Nancy Grace. I’m just saying. [Sandra Rose]

Sorry, Sarah Palin is not smart. [Slate]

The Conservative on the ‘Conservative’


To which, let me add a personal, affectionately-intended note: Rush, I knew William F. Buckley, Jr. William F. Buckley, Jr. was a father of mine. Rush, you’re no William F. Buckley, Jr.

Christopher Buckley, patrician conservative elite to Rush Limbaugh, trashy bottomfeeder conservative drug addict [The Daily Beast]