Staying home is the new going out!


Guest of a Guest has a post on the sleazy doings of a doorman at The Box that highlights why NYC nightlife has become such a chore and burden.   $1000 should be spent for rent; not to have a good time!  The post and other tales of nightlife inanity have confirmed to Tallulah that staying home is the new going out.  Read and learn, sugars:

  1. The bartender never cuts you off. Ever.  You can curse the bartender out and somehow  keep getting served.   Also, leaving quips as tips is encouraged.  Score!
  2. There is a strict guest list but no money changes hands.  Wink, Wink.
  3. No one makes fun of you for vomiting in the bathtub.
  4. Or pissing your pants.
  5. The snacks are always to your liking.
  6. Cleaning up is not mandatory.
  7. Dressing cute is delightfully optional.
  8. Your entire home is the VIP area!
  9. No papparazzi or starlets or starf**kers!
  10. No tourists, either!

See?  Staying home rocks!


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