As you read this list of Inaugural Balls taking place next month,


remember that the economy is in free fall.

Inaugural Balls 2009 []

3 thoughts on “As you read this list of Inaugural Balls taking place next month,

  1. Reverend Manny

    I was talking to one of my friends not too long ago. She has these two trez chic williamsburg room-mates. The sorta echo-brained iPod-jockey who knows just enough about politics to know to support Obama to be cool. Now my friend happens to work for ******, a business news magazine. So naturally, all she does… is news… her trez cool room-mates? :”um, I don’t understand, why are you always talking about the news–the election’s over. Obama won. We’re trying to watch america’s next top model.”

    That’s really one of the things that worried me about the obama election. Like too many in the netroots gave in so easily to this like personality cult. I truly hope Barrack has a way to keep all those new voters interested in civic participation. I know it sounds warped, but those riots in Greece are, in a twisted Jeffersonian way, an act of spontaneous democracy. Voting is like 20% of democracy. Everything else is work, conversation, participation, empathy, trust-building and occasionally scaring the shit out of the authorities to remind them, that yes, in face, wa are their bosses (los jefes grandes!).

    Stay fresh.

    One Love,
    –The Notorious R.e.v.

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