as I sit here, sifting through receipts from 2008, I am reliving


purchases of crap I ate (confession: McDonald’s fries are my bête noire) and stuff  I put on my body. Looking at the money that flew out of my hands over the past 12 months makes me wonder if I can do a better job as a consumer  for ’09.

Right now, I’m abstaining from caffeine and alcohol so that’s definitely saving me money.  I am proud to say that I didn’t give in to any ‘I’m so depressed about the economy’ shopping splurges.  My closet isn’t proud but I am.  I definitely don’t go out as much as I would like.  Even if an event is free, I still have to calculate subway costs (which may be shooting up later this year) and a taxi if I stay out past midnight. Great, now I must cop to being  poor AND dull.

I do take comfort that I didn’t have enough money to be Bernie Madoffed. But I also acknowledge that it is not the worst of times or the best of times — it’s just the blah of times.   I (and  guess many others) need some of that hope and change to be sprinkled in our personal lives.