UPDATE – An unemployed woman who has six children and then uses her disability…


UPDATE – Nadya Suleman turned down free nanny help because the agency offering it wouldn’t agree to being filmed for a reality show.  No kidding! From LAist:

You would think the single mom from Whittier who was told this week she might not even be able to take her newborn octuplets home without proving she could properly care for them would jump at the chance to have the help. But OctoMom turned them down. Why? It wouldn’t make them famous:

Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents the group, said Suleman spoke with Angels in Waiting founder Linda West-Conforti and seemed to be more interested in “capitalizing on her infants” and doing a reality television show.

The non-profit told Suleman that they couldn’t agree to working in stride with a camera crew because of the risk it posed to the babies’ health and their ability to do their work. Allred has filed a request with the L.A. County Department of Child and Family Services asking them to look into Suleman’s ability to assure all 14 of her children are cared for.

Delusional, selfish nutjob.  I hope the broke state of California gives her nothing.

payment to be impregnated for more children, resulting in eight babies being born and AGAIN SHE’S UNEMPLOYED IS A


I don’t care what race Nadya Suleman  is.  I don’t care about her socioeconomic class.  I don’t care if she had a tough childhood.   I don’t care if  she goes to church or not.  This woman has a very tenuous grasp on reality.  She really believes that she is able to market herself as a ‘baby expert’ now that she’s made this stupendously mindboggling  life decision.


There is no kind of excuse for this kind of parental malpractice.     How do you decide to feed 15 mouths on a fixed income?  In the same way, a person who makes $40,000 a year believes that they can afford to purchase a $400,000 house with no money down is a moron.

There should be a backlash against her for being dumb.

And if I lived in California, I would be hella pissed if any of my tax dollars went to help this selfish, myopic example of humanity support her poor lifestyle choices.

I would rather give my money to the other nut of the week Michael Steele, okay?

Race, Religion & Responsibility: About The Backlash Against The Octupulets’ Mom [Jezebel.com]

One thought on “UPDATE – An unemployed woman who has six children and then uses her disability…

  1. lpbrn

    She is mentally ill….She is mentally ill…..She is mentally ill…..chant it over and over….it helps a little to get past the immediate anger at Suleman…..OK, now…the focus needs to be on the children and getting them away from this mentally ill woman. Every law abiding, reasonable human being in the USA needs to be contacting every agency in California and telling them “NO” to supporting this woman …..the ridiculous reality tv shows need to really say “No” to this woman….the kindhearted and good citizens need to say “No” to this woman…she needs to be hospitalized and treated for mental illness……the children need to go to foster care until she has learned to work and support herself and the children. Once she has saved enought for an apartment she gets 1 child back. When she is saving money on top of paying her bills then she gets a second child. As she can show she can support the children then she earns them. She has learned to be a con….disability, her parents, and student loans….take, take, take…..let everyone support her. Learned behavior……got a lot of “unlearning” to do. I am saddened that Dr. Phil and various NEWS shows have had this woman on….they are just encouraging her…to her, it shows she was RIGHT and her plans are WORKING. She has to be shunned for this behavior…tough love….otherwise, she will not get the help she needs…the children will be forgotten about and then, the tragedy will occur.
    People, stop encouraging this woman…tough love only. Get help or you lose everything!

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