Today’s story that I don’t believe:


Andre Agassi doing meth. Sorry, Andre, not buying.  I do believe the part about the hair extensions, though.


Linkarrhea, October 31


Whit Stillman’s ‘Metropolitan’ is like watching National Geographic for me.

Dominic Carter. NY1 Anchor no more. [NY Daily News]

You know what’s sexy? A man who loves to cook. [Art of Talk]

You know what’s entertaining as hell?  Newsweek writer Allison Samuels being dinged by the blogosphere for casting judgment on Angelina and Brad’s black hair management skills. Dear Allison Samuels, if you BELIEVE the issue of self-esteem is so vital for black children, I think it might be helpful if you also educate black parents about the need to maintain self-esteem for their children, as well.  [Newsweek]

Why dating is so dismal in New York City: indecisiveness about choice overload and laziness. []

No, you can’t stalk a co-worker’s wife and expect to keep your job. [The Last Angry Fan]

I’m writing in a candidate for Mayor next Tuesday.  Bloomberg is too much of a plutocrat and Bill Thompson doesn’t really want to be mayor; he just wants to be in politics.

Mike Albo has been treated harsher by the NY Times than Judy Miller (witch) and Maureen Dowd (careerist hack).  And David Pogue (tech grifter). [nytpicker]

Prediction:  Tameeka Foster Raymond is going to be added to the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. [Essence]

Fave costume of 2009 – AT AT from ‘Star Wars’:

AT AT Costume

Family related blowback in its purest form. [The Guardian]

Song of the Day – Black Boys/White Boys from “Hair”


H/T: RockStar

Quote of the Day:


Giuliani is an amoralistic, opportunistic bottom-feeder.  I’m not going to say anything about Bloomberg, but you sleep with the dog, you wake up with fleas.

-Playwright Tony Kushner in New York Magazine

why I heart goody bags…


I get to try new products for FREE!  Shout out to the organizers of the NY chapter of the National Organization of Women’s  Love Your Body Day Bash

in a reusable Whole Foods bag!

I cannot wait to play!

dear Thrillist, jetblue, Las Vegas Tourism Board, Jamaica Tourism Board…


You can give me a free trip anytime. I do not have any media overlords to displease if I take a free trip to somewhere fun or exotic for a weekend.

I love massages and fruity cocktails with paper umbrellas. The smell of rum punch makes me swoon! Crunching sand between my toes is better than sex for me. And staying out all night on the Strip is my idea of heaven. Stop bothering with those freelancers who write for Newsweek and the Times. I’m your woman for a no-holds barred good time on your dime.

New York Times Travel Writer Broke These Travel Writer Rules With Junket

Ethics takes a holiday: Newsweek, New York Times writers in swag orgy
[Daily Finance]

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