Why do these mistresses deserve an apology?


I’m reading Jo Piazza at PopEater and she seems to be serious that Tiger’s Angels deserve personal apologies for his behavior:

Call them what you will. The mistresses may very well be fame-seeking, gold-digging harpies, or they may be vulnerable women caught up in the web of lies of a famous and powerful man. Either way, it doesn’t mean they aren’t human and weren’t hurt by Tiger’s actions. Omitting the other women caught up in his scandal goes to show that Tiger isn’t genuinely sorry for hurting anyone. He is just sorry he got caught.

First, why should he apologize to consenting adults?  Unless these women were….

1. underage (NOPE!) AND/OR

2. exhibited diminished mental capacity (Tallulah, SHUT UP!)

why should Tiger be treated like he took advantage of them?  Were they upset when they were gulping champagne with Tiger?  Any mental breakdowns when Tiger and his entourage were flying them all over the world for assignations?

No, they were loving being in the orbit of a famous, wealthy athlete.  They sniffed his aura and wanted more.

It was their responsibility to protect their feelings from the lies and manipulations of a married, superstar athlete.  These women, using their free will and intelligence, dropped their panties for Tiger.    No matter how many lies Tiger told (or continues to tell),  he doesn’t have the power of mind control (and neither does his peen*) to make someone forget about a man’s wife and kids. Or their own moral code.

So I suggest that Tiger’s harem and their weird enablers — buck up.  Accept that Tiger wasn’t in love with you. (Stone cold narcissists rarely fall in love.)   Stop playing helpless victim and follow Kim Kardashian’s lead:  MONETIZE  YOUR REALITY. Wipe those tears, there’s money to be made!**

Ella Fitzgerald  Love For Sale

*But imagine if a peen could do that.  Wouldn’t that be amazing????!!!!!!  The mind boggles.

**Gloria Allred can definitely help with this endeavor.   She is a world-class professional.


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