it’s funny because it’s true.


Fade in on…

Man and woman in car.  They both spy a billboard for the new film Just Wright.

Woman: Oh that’s the film with your girlfriend in it.

Man: Paula Patton.

Woman: Yeah and Common.  He plays a basketball player.

Man: Who falls in love with lesbian Latifah.

Woman:  If Tyler Perry can play a straight man, Latifah can play a straight woman.

Man:  I don’t like Common anyways.

Woman: Why?

Man: I don’t like his acting.

Woman: Oh he’s okay.  Who is your favorite rapper turned actor?

Man: Ice Cube.

Woman: Oh because you like that white liberal fantasy film Boyz In The Hood?

Man: No, because of  Friday.

Woman: That’s not fair — Friday wasn’t good solely because of Cube, it was an ensemble piece.

Conversation ends because woman gets out of car to go to the salon for her mani/pedi.  As woman rolls up her jeans to immerse her ogre like feet into very very hot water, guess who walks in for a manicure?


That’s right.  Common was getting a manicure in Fort Greene.

I’m going to keep talking about actors until George Clooney shows up at Nero Doro or Urban Vintage.

And now for one of my favorite Common tracks:

Add Your Two Cents

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