It’s okay when Mayor Mike does it…


A commenter from Daily Intel on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s foundation decision to bank in the Cayman Islands:

This is a conundrum.

The mayor is against the financial reform bill because the city really needs Wall Street and their tax revenue. He has also substantially increased the city’s payroll, thus inflating the cost of running the city, thus putting further strain on the budget deficit which is in the billions.

On the other hand, however, he says that it’s okay to use off-shore havens to store his money, because the people in the Cayman Islands are very nice people.

So never mind that the city is closing schools, and forget that the new budget puts a strain on the people of New York. Oh sure – we mustn’t forget that the mayor is a philanthropist of major proportions. He has in the past given millions of his money to organizations and individuals – they are grateful indeed, I’m sure. And no sarcasm intended here, and no envy for his good fortune and ability to carry this out.

But I think I would prefer that he pay his fair share of taxes, and conduct himself and his affairs as he expects his constituents to – to set a good example for Wall Street and his fellow billionaires.

My comment won’t be so logical and patient:  we need a Mayor to be a Mayor for everyone; not just for the wealthy and connected. The fear of giving this myopic asshole a third term is being fully realized.  I’m not surprised, just concerned how this plays out in the years ahead.

Bloomberg’s Offshore Millions [NY Observer]


One thought on “It’s okay when Mayor Mike does it…

  1. revmanny

    hey tallulah,

    sorry i haven’t stopped in for a minute there… but yeah, i’m with ya, king mike is never gonna give the working class folks of this city the sorta leadership they need…

    this is why it’s best for us working folks (from white collar, to pink and blue collar) to make our own leaders…

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