This is the official kick off of Cheesy Song of the Day….


I spent the first day of 2012 crying my eyes out.   Crying at home, crying in public, crying.  2011 was a super challenging year  (blood clot, love gone ambiguous) so I succumbed to that universal yet temporary feeling of loss and despair and bawled.  I wish I could say it was freeing to let the tears flow but it wasn’t.  I just wanted to cry some more.

When I paused between my crying sessions, I did notice that there was an musical trigger for the tears.  Surprisingly, it was not Adele‘s ‘Someone Like You’!   But when Kenny Loggins‘ ‘Celebrate Me Home‘ came on the radio?  Strangers would have thought that Bambi‘s mother died & I was watching the end of Titanic!   The combination of love gone ambiguous and longing for a person to be completely at home with turned me into a blubbering, unattractive mess.

It also got me thinking about those songs that make us feel sentimental, emotional, silly or if we are lucky, all three.  The Cheesy Song of the Day for January 1st was:

And the Cheesy Song of the Day for January 2nd is Train’sHey Soul Sister‘:

Why?  Because it’s sentimental and cloying, but somewhere in my cynical heart, I believe what he’s singing and why he’s saying it.  Some days, I need to be cheesy and not super tough.  Lean into the sadness, sentiment, heartbreak and then, get up again.

Do you have a Cheesy Song of the Day?


13 thoughts on “This is the official kick off of Cheesy Song of the Day….

  1. Glad to hear it! Am I right in assuming you are from the USA? I wasn’t sure if you’d have heard of the Eurovision Song Contest that we have in Europe every year, every country enters a song (usually about 40 countries) and Europe votes on a winner. Traditionally there are a lot of pop songs there, but there is usually a big variety of sounds. “Manboy” was part of Sweden’s selection process for their entry last year (aka Melodifestivalen). Those Swedes already come up with some great pop music 😀

    Sorry I kinda rambled there, but it’s a great place for more cheese!

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