Maybe this won’t be the female version of #HowToMakeItinAmerica?


HBO’s Girls

HBO series “Girls” is remix ready. [Pop Culture Pirate]

And I hated How To Make It in America.


Cheesy Song of the Day, January 4: ‘Crazy For You’ Madonna


I saw Vision Quest at the Bay Terrace movie theaterMatthew Modine was cute, but I didn’t understand the obsession with Linda Fiorentino.  Was it that she was so mysterious and aloof?  Clearly, I need to rewatch the movie.   But what I don’t need to remember is how I felt when I heard this the first time:

I wasn’t in love with anyone (not even a little crush!)  but I knew exactly how I wanted to feel when I did fall in love.

….and there it was behind the counter at Duane Reade, a Twilight Sparkle hair curler…


and I thought to myself,

Do kids believe that if they curl their hair with this limited edition Twilight licensed Sparkle appliance, they will become Bella or Robert or a werewolf?

and then I thought,

I need a scam that good!

dear Rick Perry, don’t reassess…


just go away. You can’t outbigot a Santorum!

And ask for forgiveness for making this hateful ad, you Texan weasel: