from 2008: I don’t know anything about sports…


I know who I like to watch play (Kevin Garnett, Ryan Howard, Randy Moss, okay?) and I like to observe the psychology of teams and winning. It’s interesting to watch the process of creating a cohesive team striving for one goal.  There is a beauty to the unity required to achieve a championship.  For me, watching teams hone their skills and talents on their way to becoming champions is where I get my joy.

But  if you asked me for specific stats and team strategy, I’m clueless.

So when the Tampa Bay Rays sent the Boston Red Sox home for the winter, I remarked to a friend of my boyfriend’s

‘It’s the Phillies all the way.’

This friend remarked ‘The Phillies aren’t that good.’

I said nothing because I’m just a girl with a vajayjay where my brain should be.

Well guess what? I know a lot because the Phillies won the World Series tonight!

Congratulations Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays, I got nothing for you.


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