#grammys thoughts (for those that care)…..


i rewinded the show to the part when Neil Portnow is talking about artists needing to be properly compensated for their work.  He’s right. I don’t download music or movies for this reason. Instead, I create my own awful art!

True talent is overwhelming.  Watching the In Memoriam segment of the Grammys is a reminder of how many kick ass musicians/producers have left us. Clarence Clemons, Amy Whinehouse, Heavy D and others (I can’t type their names that fast) — all gone.  So grateful for having their gifts to revisit.

Jennifer Hudson singing ‘I Will Always Love You’? I thought it was restrained and beautiful.  I thought there was concern about  Jennifer Hudson making it through the entire song and that’s why the song was shortened.  Considering the circumstances, it was heartfelt and genuine.

Chris Brown getting two performing slots on the show? I don’t understand the obsession with redeeming Chris Brown.  To me, he’s a spoiled entitled immature jerk who doesn’t understand what he did was wrong.  And yes, Soul Train was a dance focused show but not David Guetta or DeadMaus dance.  It’s SOUL Train, not TRANCE Train or RAVE Train.  This culturally oblivious producing.

And the Grammys is never going to be free of Gwyneth Paltrow, is it? And I don’t mind Gwyneth.  But does she have to be everywhere?

I thought Fergie’s abomination of a lace/capped sleeves/collar vomit was going to be the thing that gave me nightmares but then Nicki Minaj came up with this Bishop/West Side Story/The Exorcist performance art.  I feel like Nicki should have workshopped this at some black box theater waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off-Broadway before bringing it to the (innocent) viewing public.   Taking chances should be fun not confusing and indulgent.  Take your medication, Roman.  Is she supposed to have an alter ego?  And why the Christmas music? Maybe you had to be in the audience to get the theatricality of it?  Just didn’t translate.

And Adele? I’m not alone in knowing from the first time I heard

that it was a smash and would get all the awards that it received tonight.

But seeing her perform and accept her Grammys with genuine appreciation and tears was heartwarming.  It’s so easy to get jaded when so many marginally talented people are pooped out. Adele is an amazing rich rewarding reminder to not do so.


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