I just turned on SOMETHING BORROWED and it’s the scene where Kate Hudson’s Darcy  is trying on her wedding dress (rom com ding) and crying (rom com ding), I think, to see what her mascara will look like on her actual wedding day.  Cut to flash back of Ginnifer Goodwin in law school with her classmate, Dex.  I’m going to figure out Ginnifer Goodwin’s character name.  Next scene is Ginnifer and Dex in a bar about to have that amazing sexy connection  when Darcy shows up ans steals — Ginnifer’s character’s name is Rachel!– and Dex away.  Rachel sees her crush slipping away.  Flashback ends and Darcy tells Rachel — the poor pathetic dateless Rachel (rom com ding) that she has a man for her.  With friends like Darcy, you might as well get the Ben & Jerry’s and stay the f*ck home.


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