#InsomniaMovie – SOMETHING BORROWED – Badminton in the Hamptons…


Ethan is cheeky and for some reason, he hates Dex & Darcy.  I don’t blame him, because they are thoughtless selfish people.  In the badminton game, Ethan proposes to play badminton in exchange for secrets.  Darcy spills the  erroneous ‘secret’ of Ethan having sex with Rachel (rom com ding).  Now Rachel is a complete loser for hitting Ethan in the nose.  Finally, Ethan loses it and breaks it down for the doormat.  She calls him an a**hole and he says ‘yeah but i’m the only a**hole here who gives a sh*t about you.’  I like that.  He’s not passive and not sugarcoating for Rachel’s little fantasy world.

It seems to wake Rachel up because when Dex goes to her, she finally tells Dex to figure stuff out without her. She echoes Ethan’s words: ‘Just decide!’  And she is now walking in the rain (rom com ding) — a plot device that should be shot.  And another flashback to the night that Dex met Darcy where she walks out crying because well Dex is the guy she loves and she’s telling herself that she’s lost him forever instead of just telling him she loves him.  Back to present day.  She runs back to tell him that she shouldn’t have left that night.  She asks him to cancel the wedding. ‘I love you. I’ve always loved you.’

What’s Dex gonna do?


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