#InsomniaMovie – SOMETHING BORROWED – ‘Cancel the wedding. Tell her you can’t marry her.’


Break my best friend’s heart because I want to be with you.  This is Rachel’s breakthrough.  Is Dex gonna have one too?  Nope.  Dex is not Rachel’s man. He’s Darcy’s.  Fully.  He’s the guy who is always gonna do what’s expected of him and swallow the disappointment down.  Another music montage but this one is filled with scenes of Rachel solo.
Cut to establishing shot of London and Rachel at the airport and being greeted by Ethan.  Of course, she’s in London one week before the wedding.  And she’s still doing that doormat thing. Until she says no while Darcy is screeching about needing her.
This sounds crazy: ‘I have dreamed about Darcy getting married my whole life.’
I love, love, love my friends but I have never dreamed about them getting married.  This sounds crazy.  Rachel explains how she didn’t want to be picked by Dex by default and that’s why she didn’t spill about Darcy cheating.  Ethan reminds her that she’s someone’s first choice — him.  ‘You are home for me.’
It’s kinda romantic (rom com ding).

Rachel says nothing while Ethan pours his heart out to her. She hugs him because she loves him like a friend.


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