#InsomniaMovie – SOMETHING BORROWED — ‘Do you think I should marry Dex?’


There is something to be said for the moment in a romantic comedy when the shallow vapid character has a moment of introspection.  So man choices — are there tears? is there snot? is it done in a beauty salon or during a waxing session?
Darcy does it in Rachel’s kitchen. She admits that she can do ‘dumb sh*t’! (rom com ding)  And I guess she’s asking Rachel – the sane doormat – to save her from herself.
Darcy having doubt is the first hint of someone who is real.  She describes to Rachel why she and Dex work.  But she’s just so damn shallow and vapid and needs to find someone equally shallow and vapid.  Rachel of course tells him to marry him. Why?

Because Rachel is a doormat.  Then Darcy admits she cheated on Dex and that she felt terribly. Rachel of course tells Ethan and Rachel continues to be a doormat.  Ethan doesn’t get it that Rachel yields to Darcy ‘Why do you do it? Why do you let her win?’  Rachel believes everything about Darcy.  And that is important for people to have in their life – someone to believe in and that believes in you. Ethan is yelling at Rachel to stop being a doormat and make a decision.  Rachel is rude because Ethan is hitting her spot of truth (rom com ding).  Now she’s going to figure it out on her own.  Oh please do!



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