#InsomniaMovie – SOMETHING BORROWED – omg! Rachel & Dex kissed!


So unromantic though.  And then he calls her to say he hopes she comes to the Hamptons next weekend. She does.  Because it makes sense to be in a house with your best friend’s fiance that you kissed last week.  Marcus is back in the house too with a date who acts like a reality show cast reject.  You know what this movie needs?  A Nancy Meyers injection of lifestyle porn.

But I digress!

Dex is sharing a heartfelt story about growing up with his mom with Rachel.  Clearly, Rachel is his intimate friend and Darcy is his sexy flirty friend (rom com ding).   This movie is boring  because so far not one character has nuance – Rachel is a good girl doormat, Dex is a passive aggressive vat of pudding and Darcy is a tigress who goes after what she wants no matter what.

And now it’s the obligatory good girl doormat dancing sexy scene.

Kill me now.


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