#InsomniaMovie – SOMETHING BORROWED – Rachel is always talking about how busy…


she is at work but I never see her working (rom com ding).  Cut to: Rachel being forced to go shoe shopping with Darcy and Darcy confesses that her vows suck.  Rachel writes her vows on the spot because Rachel is a deep, empathetic young woman who deserves real love and Darcy is a shallow vapid sex machine  (rom com ding).

So Rachel gets her fantasy weekend with Dex.  She’s sweaty and nervous.  They are walking around (I guess the West Village) during the 4th of July weekend and he tries to hold her hand and she pulls away BECAUSE HE’S ENGAGED TO HER BEST FRIEND. Dex is taking a trip down memory lane and discussing law school and the night he met Darcy.  Rachel confesses that she didn’t think someone like Dex would be with someone like her. Another music montage intercut with scenes of Darcy laughing in the Hamptons and Dex & Rachel kissing and eventually making sweet sweet love.
And the next morning, Dex wakes up in love with Rachel.  She doesn’t say it back. This is not following the rom com manual.  I officially call foul.



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