#InsomniaMovie – SOMETHING BORROWED … Rachel leaves the Hamptons…


and has a conversation with Dex about some kiss. Dex confesses that he wasn’t that drunk (rom com ding).  Rachel is having lunch with John Krasinski and shes’ asking if anyone was upset about her leaving early.  John Krasinski is like, umm no you ain’t the center of the universe.  Cut to: Rachel thinking she’s meeting Darcy for dinner but it’s Darcy & Dex and Darcy in her take charge way says they need to talk.  She thinks that Rachel & Dex are upset that she’s not giving them enough attention.  Rachel & Dex quickly agree to cover up for their lust and guilt (rom com ding).  Darcy is shocked that Rachel didn’t make out (ie. sex up) Marcus and Dex defends Rachel by saying ‘He’s not her type.’  Subtext: ‘BECAUSE I AM!

Darcy scams Rachel into checking out a 90s cover band for HER wedding and then bails at the last minute — Rachel has to call her to find out she’s not coming.  Of course, Dex is there and is ready to talk. ‘Rachel, you’re all I ever thought about in law school.’  ‘I can’t stop thinking about you.’  ‘I don’t know what to do.’ ‘Rachel, look at me.’ ‘If you feel the same way about me just tell me now.’

That’s a lot to say to your fiancee’s best friend, no?

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