#insomniamovie – SOMETHING BORROWED…we are on the way to the Hamptons…


the obligatory montage with some song that sounds like Jason Mraz (rom com ding), lots of dancing on the beach, enjoying the Hamptons house, laughing, drinking and a bonfire. Darcy is making this speech, celebrating the song of her and that she’s no longer going to be single after the summer.  Darcy is genius. Rachel has a friend played by John Krasinski (who I think is so cute! ) and he’s the comic relief/voice of reason (rom com ding).  There’s a housemate who likes Rachel and offers to share his joint. Rachel says no. Then she says yes.

Cut to housemate guy trying to make time with Rachel.  Housemate guy’s name is Marcus.  I don’t think Rachel likes him but she’s watching Wild Things with him and then they hear Darcy & Dex having sex.  So embarrassing, right? John Krasinski has to tell the girl in the house who has a crush on him, Claire, that he’s gay.  She says she accepts the challenge.  What kind of woman would purposefully set herself up for that kind of awfulness?

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