on my to-do list…


I like to read.  I like discovering new voices and perspectives. I like incorporating new ideas  into my daily life.

One downside to all that intake is that I come across so many blog posts, magazine articles that spark my interest that sometimes I feel inundated.  Overwhelmed. And that’s the exact opposite of the pleasure reading is supposed to give me.

To manage that feeling, I’ve decided to create to-do reading lists (via blog posts) to remind me of the bloggers & topics that I plan to revisit when I have the time and luxury to focus and process.   I’m approaching this as an experiment open to suggestions,  as an opportunity to any visitors to also share their thoughts on my to-do list AND maybe share their own.  Here’s the list:

A Girl’s Gotta Have Goals –  motivation for goal setting from Honesty

Day (148) – One Step Closer – more motivation from The Better Man Project

Stick it Out comic by Trey Peters – I like his stick people — they make me giggle!

Playlist: Less-cliche love songs – Woo hoo, I’m gonna hear new music thanks to Confessions of a Music Snob

xkcd – more comics!

Happy reading & listening!

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