omg…why do I want to see #JohnnyDepp as Barnabas Collins so bad?


Am I on drugs or something?

 I do remember Dark Shadows when it originally aired and I welcome Tim Burton’s campy interpretation. It’s a soap opera, people!


Cheesy Song of the Day, March 16: ‘A Little Warm Death’ Cassandra Wilson


To me, this is one of the sweetest ways to ask for sex. Let me count the ways….

The phrase ‘a little warm death’ is inspired by the French idiom ‘la petite mort’ which is a metaphor for orgasm.  Inserting ‘warm’ between ‘little’ and ‘death’ makes it so inviting, desirable, otherworldly.  Wilson’s lyrics build on this feeling:

Come on and relax with me/let me take away your physicality

I can hardly wait to feel you moving through my world, through  my world

In a culture that conflates sexual intimacy with crassness & immediate gratification,  I feel the anticipation and beauty of climax is restored with Wilson’s beautiful imagery and melody.

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

a day of crying is awful….


a week of crying is gutwrenching.

*When I saw this scene in ‘Something’s Gotta Give‘, I thought it was rather excessive.  I was wrong.

Cheesy Song of the Day, March 15: ‘Man ‘O’ War’ Prince


grunge heart

When I hear this song, I remember the times when I did a lot of screaming. Restaurants. Sidewalks. Hotel Rooms.  I didn’t care. And then I learned that screaming and losing your sh*t with a lover isn’t a sign of raw passion. Here’s to growing up.

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

[Image: Nicolas Raymond]