What I learned cleaning my apartment*


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A part of me wishes I had a touch of OCD so I could get into loving cleaning my apartment.  I don’t. I hate buying cleaning products (no matter how great Method smells), hate buying the gloves, hate vacuuming — I detest the entire exercise.  And I can’t reconcile hiring a cleaning company when I’m physically able to do it.  Cleaning my apartment is an exercise in maturity for me.  This weekend,  I think I found a way to make it work for me.  Here are Tallulah’s Choices for Cleaning:

  • Choose your soundtrack.  The wisdom of selecting Aretha Franklin to accompany my floor scrubbing became evident when I started scrubbing in rhythm to ‘Rock Steady’.
  • Choose appropriate attire.  For me, it’s hot pants and an old t-shirt.  Why hot pants? Because I may get sweaty.  But if you want to sweat in a maid’s uniform, go for it.
  • Choose high heels.  Counterintuitive, but read on! For me, dressing super comfortable while cleaning invites laziness.  Oh yeah the oven is filthy, but oh there’s a marathon of Bridezillas on, screw the oven.  Wearing a pair of high heels made me feel sexy but also pushed me to get through the cleaning in record time. I worked three rooms in two hours. Impressive for me!
  • Choose what you aren’t going to do. Finishing it all in one day is unnecessary. You can finish next weekend or during the week. Cleaning your apartment isn’t the Olympic Games; it’s a gentle reminder that you are a human being that does get tired of living in filth. Once in a while.
  • Choose your post-cleaning activity. Cocktails? Ice cream? A phone call with a good friend? Does it matter? No.  What does matter is that you have some prize to look forward to after all the scrubbing, sweating and grunting.

These choices helped me to see the value of a neat, clean home and act on it.  And I’m so open to hearing your choices about living contently in a clean home.

*I’m not a total pig, I love doing laundry and washing dishes!

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